Spring Break with Lyme Disease

Spring beak just started for my siblings. My mom, brother, and sister all went to South Carolina for the week. My dad and I are staying home, since I can’t travel. I don’t feel that left out, but it still kind of sucks to not be able to leave my house much. On my good days I can go out and see a movie or get food, but most of my time is spent resting in bed. I’ve felt pretty isolated, but recently I met a new friend who also has Lyme. She and I text a lot and we’ve even watched TV together through Google Hangouts. It has been nice talking to someone who understands what I am going through. I try and stay positive and hope that the future will be better. Sometimes it’s hard though… Sometimes I do think having Lyme sucks and I wish I could me “normal.” Sometimes I wish I could hang out with friends, workout, go to school… But I realize that is not the path that life wanted to take me on. I have to accept that, learn to enjoy the little things. Like having an appetite or having a little bit more energy. I’ve learned to let go a lot. I’ve learned that family and health are the most important things. I continue to push through the hard days hoping one day this will all be in the past. But for now I will rest, take my medication, and continue on with this journey.

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