No Recognition with Lyme Disease

Lyme disease patients often don’t get recognition for their illness. Many people question if we are really sick, or if we are just making it up to get attention. Doctors question us because they are not taught about Lyme disease. Family members and friends question us. This is the worst… When someone I¬†care about and who should care about me¬†questions me it makes me feel horrible.

Everyone has problems and I understand that. We all go through ups and downs in our lives. I try to be compassionate and caring for those who complain to me. I realize that their problem is probably very big for them, even if it wouldn’t be for me. It’s sometimes hard to listen to though… often when I talk about my illness people ignore me and move on to a different topic. I don’t get recognition for what I am going through. Most people don’t think that Lyme is that big of a deal. It is though… It has changed my life significantly. It’s annoying when someone complains the whole conversation and then ignores my life.

It makes me feel insignificant when people ignore my disease. It makes me want to cry, especially when it’s someone I care about. My family always tells me to be compassionate to others and I try. It’s sometimes hard though when I feel like what they are complaining about is something I wish I could do. For example, school. Kids will complain about going to school. School is such a privilege though and I wish I could go. When I dropped out of school, some friends told me how lucky I was. Personally, I don’t think I’m lucky to have to drop out of school because I can’t function anymore. I loved school and wish that I could live a “normal” life. Another example is when people are sick. I know being sick sucks. At the same time, I wish that I could have the regular flu or cold. It seems so insignificant to me. I don’t mean to sound judgmental or rude, because like I said being sick sucks. I know that everyone has different ways of dealing with pain and illness too. Sometimes it makes you feel better to complain. Having the flu could be huge for someone else, while for me it is nothing. Everyone is different…

When my family tells me to be compassionate I understand where they are coming from. It’s just hard when I feel like I don’t get much compassion in return. Even though my family is around me all the time, they still don’t know what it’s like to be chronically ill. I’m so glad to have my Lyme friends who understand and who I can talk to.

I’m sorry if it seems like I’m just complaining in this article. This is how I’m feeling right now though.

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