A New Beginning for a Lyme Disease Patient

The last few days has been going well for me. I’m so happy! I’m still sick, but I’m pushing myself to get back into my life as much as possible. I started going to a LGBTQ+ youth group on Wednesday nights. That has been fun. It’s nice to be around people again. Everyone was super nice and supportive. This coming week is Pride where I live. I’m volunteering to help when I can, that should be fun. I am also going to start going to my voice teacher again. She does voice rehabilitation, which I think would be good for me. I have major lung/breathing problems, so I’m hoping she can help.

Today I did a lot. I woke up at 7:00am and didn’t rest all day. I went to my GED orientation and took several pre-tests. This was so they could see where I need help. I tested in math and literature. I didn’t think I would do well on the math tests, but surprisingly I did nicely. I also got advanced on my writing and reading. The tests took a couple of hours. Luckily I finished early and I could leave when I was done. I’m proud of myself, because I have many brain issues due to my Lyme disease, but I still succeeded. Plus I haven’t been in school for a long time.

After I was done my mom and I went to lunch. That was really nice. We ate outside in the sun and talked. It felt like I was really living again. My mom kept saying that she would look at me and couldn’t believe I am able to do what I’ve been doing. After lunch we went to go get a gift for a friend we met in Germany. All of this took up most of the day.

I’m really tired, but I haven’t crashed yet. I’m trying to push myself as much as possible. I’ve been walking more, even though it’s hard. I didn’t use my wheelchair at all today, only my cane! It’s amazing how far I’ve come. I still have most of my symptoms, but they are less severe. I realized that once you’ve gone through so much, you get pretty tough. I think if I was like this a year ago, I would be in bed. Now that I’ve gone through much worse I have became stronger.

I hope this inspires other Lymies that you can get better. It may be slow, but you just have to stick it out. I know it’s really hard to do that sometimes, but keep hope. Like I said, I’m not 100% better, not even close, but I’m on my way to being healthy. It may take years, but eventually I’ll be symptom free.

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