About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Kali and I’m 20 years old. I have had Lyme Disease for almost 12 years. It progressed into chronic neurological Lyme because I was not properly treated. For three years (in high school) I was mostly homebound and for part of that time, I was bedridden. I had to drop out of school for three years. I recently went to community college for a semester and took one class, but now I am back to not being in school.

I believe that everything happens for a reason… I was given this struggle to learn about life and myself. I would never know what happiness is if I never knew struggle as well. I am also adopted from Vietnam and a lesbian… I made this blog so that I can share stories and thoughts that I have. I want to be able to connect with people who may also be struggling with this disease, with their sexuality, being adopted, or other things.